Hammer EQ

Hammer EQ, stereo

A world-class equalizer designed with functions and sound quality found on expensive mastering EQs The award-winning A-Designs Audio HM2EQ “Hammer” is a dual-mono, three-band equalizer that absolutely sparkles on the 2-bus. It’s one of a very select few audio tools that breathe the rarified air of enhancing sound simply by running signal through it—thanks in part to an ingenious filtering system that passes the consonant and musical 2nd order tube harmonics while eliminating unwanted noise—just the heating blanket your DAW needs for those cold winter nights. And speaking of rarified air, adding “air” to vocals, instruments, or an overall mix is where the Hammer particularly shines. Yet another result of its innovative design is the ability to bring the Hammer down as hard as you like—it’s near impossible to make it sound bad. Each channel of the Hammer features six rotary controls: three gain knobs with continuously variable boost or cut of 12dB, and three frequency-selector knobs detented for easy recall. The Hammer’s selectable frequencies range from 30Hz to 15kHz. The low, mid, and high bands have a selectable center frequency, and the bands themselves overlap in such a way that makes for a very smooth transition throughout the entire frequency spectrum. Also on each channel are toggle switches for EQ In/Out, plus low-cut (84Hz) and high-cut (8kHZ), filters, which allow the engineer to perform utilitarian EQ chores while still being able to bring the full power of The Hammer’s three bands to bear. Bandwidth (Q) is self-adjusting (floating) based on both the amount of gain applied and in response to the behavior of the program material at the selected frequencies. The Hammer’s unique ability to have its Q “move with the music” is one the secrets to its highly musical response, and also a reason for why its near impossible to make the Hammer sound bad at any frequency or gain setting. Like its twin, the A-Designs Audio HM2 Compressor “Nail,” the Hammer boasts a black, custom-milled, brushed faceplate, which plays host to its custom-milled aluminum control knobs; big, blue jewel power indicator lamp; and heavy-duty Carling toggle power switch—overall, a stunning combination of modern-retro looks that jump out of the rack. Not just another pretty face, it’s what’s inside the Hammer that counts, which, along with its clever tube-harmonic filtering circuit, are two transformer-less 12AT7 tubes (offering the most consistent control of any tube), and a custom toroidal power transformer. But most importantly, the Hammer is an inspired design whose sonic majesty is far greater than the sum of its components. As producer-mixer Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Terry Bozio) says, “The Hammer is all about gorgeous, smooth top and high mids. I am just not used to being able crank the top on the rock cymbals so much and have them stay so smooth. Another engineer I really respect described the HM2EQ as “the best EQ” he had ever used . . .” Not just for the 2-bus, the Hammer’s dual-mono operation makes it a marvelous tool for tracking as well. Whether it’s 2-bus, submix, voice, or instrument, just reach for the A-Designs Audio HMEQ2 Hammer when you want great sounds—and you want them quickly and easily. HAMMER FEATURES: • World-class, three-band, dual-mono tube/hybrid equalizer • Designed to sound highly musical for larger EQ functions typically found on expensive mastering • Smooth, super-fidelity EQ, suitable for very high-end applications • Beautiful-sounding broad EQ-shaping across several octaves with no adverse effect on tone • Clean and airy high end • Warmth, transparency, and quality sound. • Continuously variable boost and cut controls • Fixed frequency settings with highly musical overlapping bands and floating “Q” • Low-cut and high-cut filters and bypass • Transformer-less 12AT output tubes • Custom-milled aluminum knobs and faceplate with EQ in/out, low-cut, and high-cut toggle switches • Heavy-duty Carling power toggle switch



A two-channel, 2U rackmount version of the immensely popular EM-PEQ 500 Series equalizer module The convenience and affordability of 500 series modular units has taken the recording industry by storm, and riding the crest of that wave is the A-Designs Audio EM-PEQ Pultec-style equalizer—renowned for big, tight, and punchy low end. But some people just don’t like looking at a half-empty lunchbox in the rack (though A-Designs prefers to think of them as half full), and not every module is compatible in size or power rating with third-party lunchboxes (which is why A-Designs is one of a select few that make their own 500-series power supply). In response to mounting customer requests (no pun intended, but not bad when you think about it), A-Designs Audio has answered the call with the rackmountable EM-EQ2 Pultec-style equalizer. Eminently suited for tracking, mixing, or mastering, the two-channel A-Designs Audio EM-EQ2 is housed in a rugged, all-metal 2U chassis. It shares the same custom-milled faceplate, brushed-aluminum control knobs, big jewel power indicator lamp, and heavy-duty Carling toggle switch as the HM2EQ Hammer (which, by the way, the EM-EQ2 sonically pairs with marvelously). The EM-EQ2’s controls attenuate high band at 5k, 10k, 20kHz; vary bandwidth AND boost mid to high band at 3k, 4k, 5k, 6k, 10k, 12k, 16kHz; and boost or attenuate the low band at 20Hz, 30Hz, 60Hz, or 100Hz. Boost and attenuation range from 0dB to ±10dB. Along with modern performance enhancements, the EM-EQ2 faithfully preserves the EQ section design, control layout, and wonderfully smooth musicality of the original Pultec. It also has the same frequency settings and inductors that made the Pultec a must-have for capturing the bottom end. Additional features include a proprietary nickel-core output transformer, Wima caps, and true hard bypass. Instead of using common off-the-shelf chokes, A-Designs Audio employs a tapped inductor that’s custom-wound to the same values as the 500-series EM-PEQ. Along with the classic EQ circuitry, layout, and exceptionally musical sound of the original Pultec, the EM-EQ2 offers fully balanced, noise-free performance and modern impedance specs, bringing quick and easy integration to the modern studio. While many people still clamor to own an original Pultec equalizer, the simple truth of audio equipment is that unlike violins and brandy, electronics don’t improve with age. And even if you can find one on the vintage market that’s working, its 5-digit price tag limits its availability to a very select few. The A-Designs Audio EM-EQ2 is the answer for those who want the stellar sound of a Pultec equalizer plus the added benefit of modern performance and reliability. Even better, with its dual-mono design, the EM-EQ2 gives you two Pultecs for a fraction of the price of one. EM-EQ2 FEATURES: • Dual mono, three-band band, Pultec-style EQ • Faithfully preserves the EQ section design, controls, and musicality of the Pultec EQP-1 • Eminently suited for tracking, mixing, or mastering • Same frequency settings and inductors as original Pultec make it a must-have for capturing bottom end • Fully balanced, noise-free performance and modern impedance specs • Quick and easy studio integration • Wima capacitors • True hard bypass • A-Designs proprietary, custom-wound tapped Inductor • A-Designs proprietary nickel core output transformer • Rugged 2U metal housing with custom-milled faceplate and control knobs • Big jewel power indicator lamp with heavy duty Carling power toggle switch

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