K E Y A F F A I R  4

Included 4 Plug-ins: Dark V - Classic Dyno - Soul Case - L'Affair Rack 

M1/2  NATIVE SILICON / INTEL OSX /64bit AU/ VST2 /3  - WIN VST 2 /3 64 bit

We proudly present the new 

premium plug-in bundle "KEYAFFAIR 4"


This bundle is the ultimate package for music producers and keyboard enthusiasts

looking for the authentic sound of 80's and 90's E Pianos.


This unique collection of high-quality plug-ins will take your musical creations to the next level 

Immerse yourself in the rich sound diversity of "KEYAFFAIR 4. 


Our goal at KEYAFFAIR 4 is to offer you the best possible electric piano sounds.

With our innovative plug-in collection, you'll be able to create the sound you've always wanted.

Immerse yourself in the world of KEYAFFAIR 4 and be enchanted by the magic of the sounds.

( All Keyaffair products are independent and none replace the other )

L'Affair Rack

OSX AU/VST 64bit / WIN 32/64bit

17.81 GB 

Top off the KEYAFFAIR (4) package, we present you the special plug-in called "L'Affair Rack" This unique tool opens up completely new creative possibilities for you. Experiment with different sound modules of the Audiolounge plug-in library, with additional new pads and guitar sounds and effects for altering the sound to give your tracks an individual touch with more expression and richness. L'Affair rack is the icing on the cake that will make your music productions shine.

What's Included

DI Mark LE (1 Preset)

KEYAFFAIR 2 LE  (9 Presets) with a new 808 drum set 

LA Dyno (1 preset) a dry Classic Dyno version without chorus 

Pad Machine (16 pad presets) for the perfekt mix

Fret Machine (3 presets) with a new 80s mute guitar sound

Classic Blend LE ( the X816 preset from Classic Blend)

The preset rack - feel free and mix all 30 Audiolounge L'Affair presets to an even bigger sound with individual volume.
Master reverb / master delay with sync/ mix / feedback.

Audio Demos

L'Affair Rack Demo Dan Velasquez

Dark V

OSX AU/VST 64bit / WIN 32/64bit

5.03 GB 

Another highlight is available with "Dark V" based on the e. piano Mark V, this plug-in produces a darker, yet incredibly dynamic sound. Add depth and intensity to your music and immerse your listeners in the sounds of Dark V.

What's Included

Distortion fader give more drive on your sound.

PAD mix a little more FM feeling into your sound. 


Master Volume / Stereo Tremolo / Dynamic adjustment

Audio Demos

Classic Dyno

OSX AU/VST 64bit / WIN 32/64bit

5.48 GB 

For lovers of the Classic Dyno e.piano we have developed the "Classic Dyno" plug-in.

With its special sound characteristics and the unmistakable vintage flair, this plug-in makes nostalgic hearts beat faster.

Bring the charm of bygone times into your music productions and be inspired by the sounds with more EQ and harmonics that can be heard in many hits.

What's Included

Distortion Fader give more drive on your sound.

FM mix a little more FM feeling into your sound. 


Master Volume/ Panorama / Stereo Tremolo

Audio Demos

Soul Case

OSX AU/VST 64bit / WIN 32/64bit

2.81 GB

The "Soul Case" plug-in offers you the unique sound of a e-piano Mark 2, which we have carefully sampled, the samples were left in their full naturalness including all mechanical and electromagnetic background noise. This legendary instrument will give your tracks a very special touch.

What is Included

Distortion Fader give more drive on your sound.

Vinyl mix in some typical vinyl noises.


Master Volume/ Panorama / Stereo Tremolo

Audio Demos

System Requirements

 Windows 10 or later  (64bit) VST2/3
Any major DAW that supports Audio Units or VST2/3 64bit


Mac OS X (64bit) High Sierra up to Ventura Intel Mac /M1 native Apple Silicon support

Any major DAW that supports Audio Units or VST2/3 or Audio Unit 64bit  plug-ins

Audio Demos

Customer video demos

L'Affair Rack Demo Maurizio Metalli

L'Affair Rack Demo Jesus Lavilla 

Jesus Lavilla L'Affair Rack

Jesus Lavilla Plays Dark V

Samyr Rezak plays the L Affair Rack

L'Affair Rack Demo Maurizio Metalli

L'Affair Rack Demo Dan Velasquez

Jesus Lavilla KEYAFFAIR 4

Dark V Avalon Comp / EQ

L'Affair Rack/ Soul Case / Affair Drums / Percussion Extern

Studio impressions

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