Urs Wiesendanger "KEYAFFAIR"

for Yamaha Montage/MODX

(Motif XF/MOXF coming soon )



Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger "KEYAFFAIR" Yamaha Keyboard Edition

Yamaha Montage / MODX

 (Yamaha Motif XF  / MOXF coming soon)


After many requests we made KEYAFFAIR available for Keyboards for your Live Performance and Studio.

We can offer the same quality as the plug-in.

"of course with the original sound plus some selected performance."

With much love programmed by Urs Wiesendanger and Audiolounge Mike Bannwart.


'KEYAFFAIR' is indeed a very particular instrument. For some of you maybe just another rhodes sound, but for SOME of you the

distinctive sound you were always looking for! "KEYAFFAIR" couldn't be more simple and straight forward. It contains ONE SOUND ONLY!

 A sound you'll be more than familiar with,when

you listen to the music of Luis Miguel, Pocahontas (Disney), Kathy Troccoli, Bette Midler (From A Distance) etc.


"If you love the sound of"romance" -  you'll love "KEYAFFAIR" (Urs Wiesendanger)


What is included



1bank: 468,6Mb

1 banks: 2,6Mb. without samples only voice and perfomance data.

1 Voice "Orginal KEYAFFAIR"

16 Performance


500 MB Flash RAM required to load the Library.


What is included



1bank: 466,3Mb.

17 Performance incl.the Orginal KEYAFFAIR


500 MB Flash RAM required to load the Library.

Firmware 2.5 required






1. LA 85                 
2. Sweet 90s           
3. Cristal Affair      
4. Fozlove              
5. Fozlove 2           
6. Warm Affair       

7. LA 85/2              
8. Wolf Dream       

9. Trough the Fire
10. Audiolounge Affair

11. Audiolounge Affair 2

12. 90s Piano Dream

13. Heavens Paradise

14.Better Days
15. Colorful World
16. Romantic Affair


KEYAFFAIR Montage - MODX / Motuf XF - MOXF Audio Edition Demos

Customer Video Demos

KEYAFFAIR Demo - Dan Velasquez

KEYAFFAIR Demo - Dan Velasquez

KEYAFFAIR Demo - Dan Velasquez



KEYAFFAIR Demo - Jesus Lavilla

KEYAFFAIR Demo - Jesus Lavilla

KEYAFFAIR Demo - Jesus Lavilla

Examples of the typical 90s Rhodes sound

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