E Funk Synth "Expansion 1"

Preset Expansion for the E Funk Synth

The purchase of E Funk Synth is a prerequisite for this expansion !  E Funk Synth

13.5 GB

E Funk Expansion 1

E Funk goes to the next round


The brand new Expansion Pack contains 207 new funky presets from famous vintage synths from the 80s.

New prorammed ultra fat synth basses, keys, brass, funky splits, digital synths presets,

80s sampler presets, and 20 Legacy Drum Machines sets from the various original hardware

Whats included

E Funk EX (207 Presets) 13.5 GB

Bank 1

Funky Split 1

Mono Poly Bass

Brass Legend

Analog Pad 1000

82 Fight Bass

Metall Arp

Mono Poly Lead

Fairlight 1


Mono Poly Lead 2

Dreamer Bell

Jet Stram Pad

Mono Poly Bass 2

Alpha Double

Warm shift Pad

Brith Synth Glider

VoyageOS 1

800 Synth Brass

Imagination Bass

Pluck Arp

Funk Night Bass


Funky night Bass 2

Juno 60 Big Bass

Funky Night Bass 3

Night Stalker

Poly Empire

Intro pad

OB Swell Synth

Brass Stringer

4 Voice Lead

OB Soft Brass
OB Soft Brass Chorus

Cover Girl Percussion

Cover Girl Brass

Cover Girl Bass


Luft Bells

200 Big Reso

Mixed Lead

2600 5th

Class A Lead

Angel Lead

Singing Lead

90s Spectrum

Deep Bass 1

Synth Bass Day 1

80s Digitalis

Organ Bass/Lead

SU Bass

Juno 60 Reso Bass

Star Lead

Big Swell

MB Synth

MB Brass Jupiter

JX Synth Control

Jupiter Stack

Big Sweller

Synth Bass 100

LA 80s Stack

Georg Synth

Wham Bam


5th Sweep

X Lead 5th

Hybrid Bass

Deep FM Bass

Boogie Sweep Mid

Boogie fun

Italo Pluck Seq

Funk Tonight

Hybrid String Machine

Jo Bass

SE Love

Fat Chorus Bass




Funky Toast

5th slow lead

83 Bass Player

Long Swell Brass

Worm Lead 1

AU Lead 11

Fifth 20

SU Bass 12

SU Stick
Sexy Lead

Solo Reso

Bass Glider

Good Vibe Bass

Bic Sync Lead

Italien Fever Bass

Fat Boy

Give me the Funk

Big Wave

Funky Breakfast

Funky Split 2

Funky Split 3

Warm Carpet L2

Analog Pad L3

Funky Split 4

Backspace L1


Bank 2

Legacy 900 Drum Set 1

Drum Kit 1

Abdul Drums

Legacy 900 Drum Set 2

Fairlight Drums

Legacy 900 Set 3

Legacy 900 Percussion

Lets Funk again

Boogie Time 2

Central Line

Au Wopper

Noisy Bass / Lead

Synthwave Time

Clav Synth

Synth Bass Lover

Sweeep 5th

5th for "82"

Classic Brass

Fusion Split 1

Wobbly Lead

80s FM Wood

80s FM Bell Pad

Fusion Split 2

Hybrid Fair


Fusion Lead 1

Fusion Pad

Fusion Lead 2

Phaser Strat

Thats the Bell

Fusion Lead 3

81 Rhodes

System Bells

Digital Melody

Illusion 2

Synth Bass Time 1

Funky Brother

Sirin Wobble Brass

Synth Bass Time 2

Big Brass Swell

Pad Swell

Synth Bass Time 3

Jam Lead

Glow Pad

Duran Inspired

Big Wave$

Big Lead

79 Lead

Basso Nova

Wave Bells 1

Wave Bells 2

Orch Hit Legacy

Love my Synth

Love my Synth 2

Funky Breakfast


Mute Strato

Legacy Sampler Drum

Strat H 3000

Abtul Bass

Bright Synth Brass


Wasper 2

Wasper 3

Synth Bass Day

Funky Split 5

Funky Split 6

Legacy Boogie Drum 1

Legacy Boogie Drum 2

Nu Disco Drums 1

Play me

Dance Bass

Fat Brass VFX

Backspace L1

Funky Split 7


Symph Orchestral

Money Talk

Piano Express

Warm Carpet L2

Slow Breath

Mondo Lead

80s Lofi

Digital Fair

Smooth Piano Clone

Jumper 2




Crazy Bell

Saw Planet

Analog Pad L3

Poly 61 Fat Brass

Poly 61 Synth 2

Synthwave Split

AL 08

AL 07

AL 27

ESQ Brasyn

ESQ Wave Bell

ESQ Brazz

SQ Pad Layer


Wonder Bass

Fantasy Split

Padlead Split

Brass Legend L2


Pan Control  / Filter Cutoff Control  Low Bass /High Bass

Glide Control / Velocity Controll  Low - High / Reverb

Voice Mode  Poly / Mono / Legato

LFO Control  Wave / Source / Destination

ADSR Controlls

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

All sound programmed on the original 80s Analog Keyboards

and recorded on high end studio gear

Audio Demos

Video Demos

E Funk Synth Demos

" MIX Demo clip"

MAGOO plays the E Funk Synth

 E Funk Synth feat. Magoo

Demo by VST Sounds

Promo Clip by Urs Wiendanger

Salo Loyo (Luis Miguel) plays the E Funk Synth

E Funk Synth 80s Track

Demo by VST Sounds


System Requirements

 Windows 8.1 or later VST, VST3 (32/64bit)
macOS 10.11.6 or later with Intel or Silicon (M1) processors
Any major DAW that supports Audio Units or VST, VST3

* 1024 x 768 or higher resolution.
* Intel CPU


Since the E Funk Synth contains a large Sounlibrary of 8.1Gb, the installation check takes approx. 10-12 min HD and approx  3 min SSD disc.

The installation process also takes time. So it's time for a coffee :)

Best compose right away with our


Audio Demos

Demos played with the E Funk synth

 E Funk synth Demos by 8fonk

Customer Video Demos

Inoxtag- ft.Kazzey (all Synth Sounds E Funk Synth)

 Domenico domè Gagliarde plays the E Funk Synth

Jesus Lavilla(Bustamante)  Plays the E Funk Synth

Jesus Lavilla(Bustamante)  Plays the E Funk Synth

Anderson Marquez / Domenico Gagliardo plays Adiolounge Plug ins

Mario Daniel plays the E Funk Synth

 Domenico domè Gagliarde plays the E Funk Synth

Jesus Lavilla(Bustamante)  Plays the E Funk Synth "Lead*

E Funk Synth Jam by Dan Velasquez

Examples of the typical 80s Boogie Funk

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