Audiolounge E Funk Drums AL D4

Expandable Drum Machine

AU/ VST2 / VST 3 M1/2 NATIVE SILICON / INTEL  OSX /64bit / WIN VST 3/ VST 2 /64 bit

We proudly present the new E Funk Drum AL D4

Expandable Drum Machine


The new Drum Machines are perfect for 80s stuff boogie/Nu funk, disco, nu disco, synthwave,

synthpop, italo disco, Modern stuff ......  everything that a good production in this genre needs.

The E Funk Drums AL D4 start in the basic version with 3 drum machines cartridges

and can then be upgraded with the extensions.
6 expansions are already available and many more will follow :)

The E Funk Drums are therefore also a perfect addition to the E Funk Synth :)

The E Funk Drums Basic Package

Includes 3 Drum Machine Cartridges

Disco Funk Drums

The Disco Funk Drums Machine includes 60 drum sounds recorded in the best quality

among others round robin layered disco clap sounds, Sounds, perfect for the genre

Boogie Funk, Disco, Nu Disco, House, and Modern stuff  a bit less low end than usual in the 80s



The Traks SSL Drum Machine  is inspired by an 80's drum machine by Dave Smith recorded on a SSL Studio Console

includes 39 drum sounds recorded in the best quality

perfect for punchy Funky Drum Tracks for Nu Funk , 80s Boogiefunk, Modern stuff...........

Synth Pop Drums

The Synthpop Drum Machine includes 43 drum sounds recorded in the best quality

perfect for the genre

Synthpop, Synthwave, Retro Wave, Nu Wave, Nu Funk, 80s Pop, Modern stuff...........

Drum Machine Expansions

AL D2 MB Custom

The AL D2 MB Custom Drum Machine is a newly recorded 80s drum machine inspired by Roger Linn, more HH variations

than the AL D2 and some layered and gated sounds includes 51 drum sounds recorded in the best quality

perfect for the genre

Westcoast, Hiphop, Funk, Boogie Funk, 80s Pop, Nu Funk, Nu Disco, Electro funk, Modern stuff............

Synthwave Drums

The Synthwave Drum Machine includes 57 drum sounds recorded in the best quality

perfect for the genre

Synthwave, Retro Wave, Synthpop, 80s Pop, New Wave, Nu funk, Modern stuff............

Italien Session

The Italien Session Drum Machine includes 39 drum sounds recorded in the best quality

perfect for the

genre Nu Funk, Italo Disco, Nu Funk, Nu Disco, 80s stuff and Modern stuff...........

NU Disco

The Nu Disco Drum Machine includes 50 drum sounds recorded in the best quality

perfect for the genre

Nu Funk, Nu Disco, EDM, Modern 80s stuff.....

" Magoo" Boogie Funk

The Magoo Drum Machine includes 63 personal drum samples from Philippe ( Magoo ) Bouthemy from his

personal sound library, all sounds can also be found on his latest album "Let`s Have a Boogie"

A must have for Nu Funk, 80s Boggie Funk fans

Philippe Bouthemy  known as MAGOO is a singer/songwriter inspired by American black music

(SouL, R&b and above all Funk), and more particularly the sound of e 80’s that he particulary likes.

Magoo was the musical director, and keyboard player for three years of  “La Grande Nuit De La Funk”

accompanying with his band artists such as Gayle Adams, Roney Canada, The Ladies of Skyy, Total Contrast,

The Cool Notes, Yvonne Gage, Phyllis St James, Loni Gamble and Gee Bello. He also worked as an arranger

and producer for some others recording artists such as D Train, Imaa, or Saskia


Magoo Album:


8Fonk "Urban Funk"

The Urban Funk Drum Machine includes 36 personal drum samples from 8Fonk

perfect for the genre

Nu Funk, Nu Disco, EDM, Italo Disco, all 80s stuff.....

8FONK (a.k.a. Funky Spacer), is a music engineer and producer, guitarist and composer from Belgrade, Serbia.

His Guitar playing, composition and production are influenced by 70's and 80's funk and soul vibes.

The results of his recording sessions were groovy sounds blended with funk, soul, disco and retro wave.

E Funk Drums Midi Pack 1

Custom Midi Drum Patterns for the E Funk Drums AL D4 Bundle

programmed by Producer Urs Wiesendanger

Urs is considered one of the most talented arrangers and producers in Europe and need not fear comparison

with the US industry. He has worked several times in Los Angeles with highly paid musicians such as

Jeff Lorber, saxophonists Dave Koz and Warren Hill, producer Mickey Petralia, drummer John Robinson,

guitarists Chris Camozzi, Michael Landau and Dean Parks, Michael Sembelo, Eric Benet and many more.

System Requirements

 Windows 8.1 or later (64bit)
macOS 10.11.6 up to Ventura with Intel or Silicon (M1) processors
Any major DAW that supports Audio Units or VST3



E Funk Drums AL D 4 Demos

E Funk Drum AL D2 MB Custom Demo

E Funk Drums AL D4 Disco Funk Drums Demo

E Funk Drum AL D4 - Synthpop Demo

E Funk Drum 8Fonk - Urban Funk Demo

E Funk Drum AL D4 - Synthwave Demo

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