Urs Wiesendanger "Rhodes Affair"

Audiolounge  present Urs Wiesendanger "Rhodes Affair" AU /VST Plug-in for OSX and Windows 32/64 Bit


'Rhodes Affair' is indeed a very particular instrument. For some of you maybe just another rhodes sound, but for SOME of you the

distinctive sound you were always looking for! "Rhodes Affair" couldn't be more simple and straight forward. It contains ONE SOUND ONLY!

It's a trueand accurate replication of Robbie Buchanan's Rhodes sound from the 90's - A sound you'll be more than familiar with,when

you listen to the music of Luis Miguel, Pocahontas (Disney), Kathy Troccoli, Bette Midler (From A Distance) etc.

In collaboration with producer,keyboardist Urs Wiesendanger, we've developed this wonderful new addition to the Audiolounge family. 

Perfect for ballads, lounge music, movie soundtracks, and 80s 90s anyway


"If you love the sound of"romance" -  you'll love "Rhodes Affair" (Urs Wiesendanger)

 CHf 59.-/$61

528 Samples / 6 Velocity Layers/ 2.02 Gigabit

 Salo Loyo

(Keyboarder & programmer for the 5 times grammy winner Luis Miguel ) plays Rhodes Affair

Rhodes Affair Demo - Salo Loyo


Rhodes Affair Demo - Jesús Lavilla

Rhodes Affair Demo - Jesús Lavilla

Rhodes Affair Demo - Jesús Lavilla

Rhodes Affair Demo - Tiago Mallen

Rhodes Affair Demo - Adam Fietz

Rhodes Affair Demo - Jonathan Rodriguez

Examples of the typical 90s Rhodes sound

Music from Urs Wiesendanger

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