Urs Wiesendanger "Rhodes Affair 2"

 Included 3 Plug-ins: Rodes Affair 2 / Rhodes Affair Premium/ Affair Drums

AU/VST  OSX/WIN  32/64 bit



Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger "Rhodes Affair 2"

Inluded 3 Plug-ins


“A sound you'll be more than familiar with, when you listen to the music of Luis Miguel, Pocahontas (Disney), Kathy Troccoli, Bette Midler (From A Distance) and many more.”


With the well received instrument “Rhodes Affair” we decided to follow up

on the same concept and expanded the “Affair family” with much more options to

increase the sound flexibility and playing pleasure.


With the second generation “Rhodes Affair 2” we included 3 different plug-ins

Rhodes Affair 2 (Preset player), Rhodes Affair 2 (Premium) and Affair Drums.


We recommend to watch our presentation clip on YouTube with an in-depth look of

all the new features explained.  

Price $99 /CHf 99

"Presentation clip"

Demo by Tiago Mallen

Roy Maya feat. Miriam Neblina


Demo by Dan Velasquea

Demo by Tiago Mallen

Matt Jones Orchestra inkl.Rhodes Affair


 What is included 

Rhodes Affair 2

Expandable Preset Player

AU/VST  OSX/WIN 32/64bit

3,65 GB

 7 Instruments  

                                                                                                                  1. Sweet 90s                 
                                                                                                            2. MB s Sweet 80s           
                                                                                                         3. Audiolounge Affair

                                                                                                                  4. LA 85
Trough the Fire                                                                                                                   6. Fozlove

                                                                                                                  7. Better Days               


 What is included 

Rhodes Affair 2 Premium

AU/VST  OSX/WIN 32/64bit

6,35 GB

  • 9 Layers included the orginal Rhodes Affair preset
  • MK Piano - Acoustic Piano - Stack - Pad 1/2 - Bells 1/2 - Lead
  • Panner - Voice Modulation (Mono/Legato/Glide)
  • Mixer Integrated: Pan and Volume
  • Master Reverb adjustable
  • Dynamic Range Adjust



 What is included 

Affair Drums

Expandable Drum Preset Player

AU/VST  OSX/WIN 32/64bit

33.8 MB

  • 31 High End Quality Drum and Percussion Sounds
  • Playable via MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Controller
  • Multi Outputs BD/SD can be selected
  • Mixer Integrated: Pan and Volume
  • Master Reverb adjustable
  • Dynamic Range Adjust

CHF 99.- / $ 99.- / € 88

Upgrade from Rhodes Affair 1 ( $79.- )

Audio Demos

Demos played with Motif XF / Montage

Demos played with the Plug-in

Customer Video Demos

Hancy Lopez plays Rhodes Affair

Jesus Lavilla / Eden Perez (Sax) inkl.Rhodes Affair & Fret Affair

 Rhodes Affair - Salo Loyo /Xandro Leima

 Rhodes Affair - Ernesto Naranjo


Rhodes Affair 2 Demo  -  MAGOO

 Salo Loyo

(Keyboarder & programmer for the 5 times grammy winner

Luis Miguel ) plays Rhodes Affair


Rhodes Affair Premium  -  Luiggy Santiago

Rhodes Affair Demo - Dan Velasquez

Rhodes Affair Demo - Doeenico Gagliarde

Rhodes Affair Demo - Tiago Mallen

Rhodes Affair 2 Demo - Jonatan Cruz

Grupo Karneval feat.Salo Loyo and a handful Rhodes Affair

 Rhodes Affair 2/ Premium /Affair Drums Demo - Jesus Lavilla

Rhodes Affair Demo - Dan Velasquez

 Rhodes Affair 2 - Jesus Lavilla

Miguel Rodríguez Rimika Plays Rhodes Affair 2

 Rhodes Affair Premium - Domenico Gagliardo

  Jesús LavillaRhodes Affair Demo -

  Jesús LavillaRhodes Affair Demo -

Examples of the typical 90s Rhodes sound

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